Digitron Quality Policy

High Reliability Semiconductors
Commercial, Industrial, Military and Custom Level Solution

Digitron strives to consistently provide semiconductors of the highest quality on-time to the Aerospace, Industrial and Commercial markets. Digitron’s business model is to become the supplier of choice for high reliability product. To achieve this, Digitron strives to exceed customer expectation for product quality, delivery, and price through continued improvement on every order. Digitron produces and supplies products to military and aerospace, industrial, and commercial quality levels. Digitron Semiconductor’s Quality Assurance Program is AS 9100:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 registered. Quality Assurance Program guarantees parts meet rigorous internal quality standards and meet or exceed our customer’s expectations and requirements.

Military and Aerospace

The military quality level is designed for customers whose applications require the parts to be fully robust and reliable in military applications. Digitron Semiconductor’s High Reliability Processing Flow provides MIL-PRF-19500 JANTX equivalent testing. Source control drawings and customized testing can easily be accommodated. Infant mortality is minimized through environmental tests such as temperature cycling and burn-in. Compliance to specifications is ensured through data processing, delta calculations, and PDA calculations. Each shipment includes a Certificate of Compliance and executed, lot based test reports. HR Flows can be provided to the customer prior to testing, and all HR Testing is accomplished at Digitron’s state of the art internal test laboratory.
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The industrial quality level is designed for customers that need more reliable systems than the commercial level, but do not need the full reliability level that military offers. The industrial quality level provides greater product stability, extended operating conditions, and higher endurance and reliability. Customized test flows can be developed to ensure robust parts will operate reliably in their environmental conditions. Testing of products over the full temperature range can be accomplished for use in harsher conditions. Environmental testing such as temperature cycling and non-operating bakes can also be utilized to minimize infant mortality. All industrial quality level shipments include a Certificate of Compliance and executed, lot based test reports, and all HR testing is accomplished at Digitron Semiconductor’s state of the art internal test laboratory.


The commercial quality level is designed for customers who are using parts in less stressful environments where higher reliability levels are not required such as consumer electronics. With that in mind, Digitron still employs four levels of 100% inspection of every commercial product lot, which results in a 0.99998 assurance level.
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