Product Discontinuation Notice 2021-1

Monday, May 10, 2021
Digitron Semiconductors issues a semi-annual ECN/ DCN listing.  Please read the article for affected part numbers this notice cycle.
Digitron Semiconductors provides products and support for many semiconductor devices that other manufacturers have discontinued.  It is our goal to continue supporting these devices and our customer’s needs in the years to come.
In the event it becomes necessary to change or discontinue a product, Digitron Semiconductors will make all practical efforts to notify our customer base six months in advance so lifetime buys and last-time deliveries may be arranged.  This listing will be published semi-annually on our website to provide this notification.
Subject: Obsolescence of 5 Watt Glass Zener Diodes
Reason for Discontinuation:  The reason for the obsolescence of these products is due to the volume demand declining over the years and as a result the die is no longer available.   
Part Number Families
1N4954-1N4996         UZ4706-UZ4791
UZ5706-UZ5790         UZ4806-UZ4891
UZ5806-UZ5890         1N5968-1N5969, 1N6632-1N6637
Description:  Discontinuation
ECN/DCN Number:  2021-1
Last Order Date:  Immediately subject to availability
Est. Last Time Delivery:  31 December 2021
Replacement Part:  There are no direct replacements for these
Note:  Digitron will continue supporting sales of these products while there is existing stock. 
Contact sales for pricing and availability. 
Contact Information: