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Product Support Notice 2020-1

Thursday, January 16, 2020
Digitron Semiconductors provides products and support for many semiconductor devices that other manufacturers have discontinued.  It is our goal to continue supporting these devices and our customer's needs in the years to come.  

In the event it becomes necessary to change or discontinue a product, Digitron Semiconductors will make all practical efforts to notify our customer base six months in advance so lifetime buys and last-time deliveries may be arranged.  This listing will be published semi-annually on our website to provide this notification.

Product Notice Listing

Part Number:  LC6.5-170, LC6.5A-170A
Description:  Discontiuation
ECN/DCN Number:  DCN 20200116
Last Time Buy:  N/A
Est. Last Time Delivery:  N/A
Replacement Part:  N/A
The listed families of part numbers are no longer supported by Digitron Semiconductors.

Contact Digitron Semiconductors for a copy of the complete ECN or DCN.

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