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High Power 5KP and 15KP TVS Series

Sunday, December 2, 2012
Digitron is pleased to announce the launch of our 5KP (5,000 Watt) and 15KP (15,000 Watt) Transient Voltage Suppressor line in 2012. These high power TVS devices are specifically designed for Aerospace and Defense applications, requiring protection of voltage-sensitive electronic devices.
This series is available in multiple working voltages and in Axial and Radial packages.
Both Unidirectional and Bidirectional designs are available.
HR – JANTX level equivalent screening is available as an option. Additional screening requirements to customer specifications can be accommodated.
Both lines are available in Matte Tin Pb-free and Tin/Pb lead finishes.
Reference Digitron’s Spec Sheet for full Series details (5KP or 15KP) or contact Digitron.

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