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Digitron 2012 Internal Improvements

Thursday, January 31, 2013
2012 was the year of major equipment and personnel additions to Digitron’s High Reliability department. 
Digitron has completed Phase-two of three in facility improvements by adding to the dedicated chambers count, and making noteworthy capital purchases of additional series burn-in boards to support doubling of burn-in capacity for 1A rectifier throughput. 
Digitron has also partnered with a well-known semiconductor equipment manufacturer to design, deliver and implement custom built automated equipment that has added significant throughput capacity to the department. 
Additional engineering (BSEE) and operator staff have also been brought on board to support Digitron’s Hi-Rel infrastructure improvements and increased production volumes.
These improvements have allowed for increased on hand Hi-Rel inventory, and reductions in costs and lead time that can be passed down to Digitron’s customers.

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